Apple Watch Ultra

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Apple has introduced a new Apple Watch Ultra in its watch series, which is a higher version of the Apple Watch till now, on which the company was working for a long time, the Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at sports enthusiasts and athletes that need more battery life and more sport-specific performance from of their devices.

Apple Watch Ultra

What’s new in GPS?

The Apple Watch ultra-features dual GPS. It integrates both L1 and L5 frequencies into one and it offers a superior GPS that is more accurate.

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Apple Watch Ultra has a state-of-the-art motion sensor capable of detecting a crack if you’re in a car accident. It alerts emergency services if your car is in a car accident

It checks in with the user and after a countdown of 10 seconds if there is no response from user it automatically calls to the emergency service.

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Apple watch ultra-bands is more focused on sports.

They have three version which are

Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, Ocean Band


Made up of Titanium which is used in aerospace. Also it is corrosion free and lightweight.

Watch Face

Wayfinder which is exclusive for this series, It has built in night mode that turns red when turning to digital crown.

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It has large battery because of 49mm casing which helps watch to lasts up to 36 hours with single charge.

battery lasts for about a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and a full 26.2-mile marathon.


it comes with a retina display of resolution 410 by 502 which is quite brighter than the previous Apple watch. with its retina display having 1164 sq. mm display area comes with always on display.

Microphone and Speakers

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Apple has always tried to differentiate in their product which is shown in Apple Watch Ultra series with very good quality microphones that work on wind noise reduction algorithms. during phone calls it minimizes outside noise and gives user a better sound hearing. Apple Watch Ultra has dual speakers.

Apple, which is constantly striving to make a better device which can be seen in the watch-series Ultra, which is designed not only for explorers and divers, but also comes with special features specifically made for athletes, which helps them to a great extent in doing better exercises.


One of the great features of Apple Watch Ultra is that people who wear it get into a routine and it needs to be charged at least as it gives you around 50 to 55 hours of battery backup and it has action button in it. Superior GPS, water-centric upgrades that come together and give you tempting device.

The Apple Watch Ultra costs around $799 which matches with its features.